4 REAL / www.4real.io


4REAL is a New York-based digital agency specializing in designing and building scalable technology-driven websites and apps. It was cofounded by musician/digital artist Slava and new media artist/designer Analisa Teachworth in 2014. 4REAL aims to re-envision digital space and reformulate communication-interaction channels. Although based in New York, 4REAL is a global enterprise extending beyond home base with clientele and team members in Moscow, Berlin, and London. 

4REAL focuses on the cultural fusion of ideas and technology to create expressive digital platforms aimed to expand and explore modern networks. Offering clients expert consultancy rooted in a keen sense of global culture, 4REAL creates online experiences that span a variety of digital environments, including video, mobile, 3-D, sound, modular, and installation. The traditional gaps between user and brand, art and consumption, culture and commerce—these are spaces where technology will and can create wholly new cultural experiences. 4REAL conceives integrated online systems across an array of digital platforms that facilitate a deeper two-way exchange between brands and consumers. 


Slava Balasanov: Co-founder
Analisa Teachworth: Co-founder

Technology / Web Design