What is NEW INC?

NEW INC is the first museum-led incubator for art, design and technology and an initiative of the New Museum. We are a visionary group of creative practitioners who embrace risk, investigate the undiscovered and undefined, and engage with urgent issues and ideas at the intersection of culture, technology, and the new economy.

Our aim is to help creative practitioners build frameworks to realize their ideas, understand how to leverage their potential, and learn business models and strategies that can help those ideas become self-sustaining, and maybe even scale. In the wake of the post-digital economy, we also seek to investigate possible economic alternatives and new models that could point the way forward towards more fair and progressive business practices.

Where is NEW INC located?

At 231 Bowery, a building owned by the New Museum, next door to the SANAA-designed Museum building.

How does NEW INC align with the mission of the New Museum?

NEW INC is an extension of the New Museum’s mission of “New Art, New Ideas.” Our programs and projects extend beyond the walls of the Museum into the broader sphere of culture, and include re-visioning the role of the Museum. We believe museums have to think about themselves differently in the twenty-first century.


Independent Practitioners: Artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, writers, activists, administrators, researchers, scientists, etc. who are developing ambitious, experimental new work that investigates emerging technology and its influence on culture.

Creative Agencies, Studios & Collectives: Teams working in design (graphic, mobile, web, product, architecture, fashion, animation, exhibition design, etc.) and entertainment (interactive installations, VR, AR, gaming, experiential, performance, etc.).

Start-Ups: Early-stage non-profit, social enterprise or for-profit organizations working at the intersection of culture and technology.

For more information, visit our apply page.

What is the timeline for the NEW INC application process?

Applications Open: March 13, 2017
Applications Close: April 30, 2017
Shortlisted Applicants Invited for Interview: June 1, 2017
Interview Period: June 5–30, 2017
Acceptance Notifications: July 10–21, 2017
Final Decisions: July 30, 2017
NEW INC Start Date: September 8, 2017

How many members does NEW INC accept each year?

NEW INC offers 40 full-time and 40 part-time memberships a year and encourages both individuals and teams to apply

What questions are in the NEW INC membership application?

Please click through to access NEW INC’s member application questions.

What materials do I have to submit as part of the application?

All applicants need to submit a completed online application form, CV/Resume, and a portfolio or pitch deck.


Does NEW INC accept applications on a rolling basis?

Our application review period typically takes place during the Spring (March-May). You may submit an application at any time throughout the year and if we have openings, we will get in touch. Otherwise, we will review it during the regular application period.

Does NEW INC accept international applicants?

We accept applications ONLY from international creative entrepreneurs who have all the necessary paperwork and visas to live and work in the US. International applicants with appropriate visas can also apply for the part-time membership. We are happy to provide letters of support for visa applications, but cannot secure visas on behalf of applicants.

How is NEW INC different from other coworking spaces and incubators?

NEW INC is focused specifically on the intersection of art, design, and technology with a goal to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and support new non-profit and for-profit creative ventures. We are not a coworking space, an artist residency or an accelerator program but rather an incubator that allows for a range of different projects to develop at their own pace and pursue different definitions of success, scale, and impact. NEW INC offers a robust professional development program to its membership community, along with mentorship and access to some administrative resources, equipment and tools. Because the program is run by a museum, incubator members will have access to resources, expertise, and benefits not found in other incubators.

What is NEW INC’s professional development program?

We begin the program in September with an Orientation Day followed by a week-long Bootcamp program that offers a crash-course and overview to some of the key topics we’ll be covering throughout the year. Subsequently, NEW INC offers weekly workshops with expert instructors from organizations and companies such as IDEO, Kirkland & Ellis, Wolf & Wilhemine, Down to Earth Finance, Barbarian Group and more. These sessions address topics such as strategic planning, intellectual property, contracts, financial planning, business model development, product development, marketing and PR, storytelling and public speaking, and much more. Members also participate in monthly small group peer sessions to share updates and exchange solutions for their challenges. Full-time members are paired with a dedicated mentor who meets with them monthly. All members have access to individualized office hours with guest experts and NEW INC staff. Throughout the year, members have the opportunity to share their work with the public through NEW INC’s public events like Demo Day and the Versions VR Conference.

Can I work a full-time job while participating in NEW INC?

Yes, NEW INC offers a Part-Time membership that provides flexibility to fit different schedules and is perfect for those who work a 9 to 5, travel often, or are juggling many freelance commitments. Our space is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Support from staff, workshops, and other elements of the professional development program are available Monday to Friday.

I’ve been accepted but cannot participate this year. Can I defer my admission to next year?

Unfortunately, we do not grant admission deferments.

If I previously applied to NEW INC and was not accepted, can I apply again?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to re-apply. Each year’s application differs greatly and decisions regarding acceptance are based in part on the overall make-up of that year’s cohort. We are looking not only for great project ideas, but also ideas and skillsets that will complement one another. A previous year’s decline will not hinder your current application. You are only judged on the content of your current application.

Who reviews applications?

Applications are reviewed by Julia Kaganskiy, NEW INC Director, Karen Wong, New Museum Deputy Director, Rasu Jilani, The NEW INC Consulting Director of Diversity and Strategic Partnerships along with an external jury panel that varies every year.

How much does a membership cost?

Full-time memberships are $600/month and part-time memberships are $350/month.

Where does the money from membership fees go?

Membership fees cover NEW INC’s operational expenses and are part of a self-sustaining business model for the incubator.

Is Financial Aid available?

NEW INC offers a limited number of scholarships and subsidies based on financial need, with an emphasis on supporting women and people of color. Applicants who request financial assistance will need to provide additional information to supplement their applications.

What kind of tools and resources will you have available?

We have two conference rooms fully-equipped for media presentations and conference calls; two privacy pods; a forty-seat event space and screening room, as well as a small fabrication lab for basic prototyping stocked with 3-D printers, electrical tools (soldering gun, microprocessors, etc.), hand building tools, and other basic fabrication equipment. We also have media equipment available for use such as photo and video cameras, projectors, LCD screens, etc.

We’re currently building out an expanded 4,000 sq. ft. fabrication space, and are actively seeking sponsors to make in-kind donations.

Does NEW INC invest in projects or make connections to potential investors through the incubator?

NEW INC does not plan to invest or take a stake in the projects of its members, and members will retain full ownership rights over their work. Occasionally, we do leverage our network to connect incubator members to VCs and angel investors, but as a not-for-profit, we are mindful of how we approach these kinds of relationships.

How does NEW INC address diversity?

NEW INC seeks to foster an ecosystem of cross-disciplinary practices and perspectives, achieved through cognitive and cultural diversity, in order to yield more creative, nuanced and innovative ideas. NEW INC’s Director of Cultural Diversity and Strategic Partnerships leads an Access, Equity and Inclusion initiative with a focus on ethnic and gender representation in the incubator. We engage in intentional outreach to various underrepresented communities to invite them to apply to the program. Some Financial Assistance is available to these individuals in order to address financial limitations that may prevent eligible prospects from participating in the program.

How does NEW INC facilitate collaboration?

We encourage collaboration because we believe in a generative community. We highlight the knowledge and expertise already present within the community and promote peer-to-peer learning and mentorship. NEW INC facilitates group critiques, community development workshops, inclusionary practice workshops, critical discourse, themed happy hours, and mixers. We also host monthly small group events, like Status Sessions and Show & Tell, which provide our community with the opportunity to connect with one another on a peer level.

How does NEW INC continue to engage with their alumni community?

Alumni are currently enrolled in our monthly newsletter for community updates, and can participate in select professional development programs, networking events, public programs and mentor office hours. Some alumni participate as mentors in NEW INC’s Mentorship program.

Is NEW INC open to the public?

NEW INC is only accessible to its members, mentors, staff and alumni. However, members are allowed to have guests and collaborators visit them at anytime. Occasionally, NEW INC may host public programs that engage a wider public and/or guests of the program. Please join our mailing-list to stay informed about upcoming public events.

How do I arrange a visit to NEW INC?

Prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to attend our open house information sessions as our facilities are generally not open to the public and we cannot accommodate the volume of individual tour requests we receive. For information about upcoming information sessions, please visit our apply page.

When our schedule permits, we occasionally host site tours for groups from graduate and undergraduate programs and local high schools. Please contact us at incubator@newinc.org to request a visit (please, academic programs ONLY).