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Alice Sheppard’s work emphasizes the movement that arises from her particular physicality and her curiosity about line, form, and dance as a craft. She is passionate about virtuosity, strength, simplicity, and beauty, and is drawn to moments in which her personal aesthetics collide with societal and cultural norms.

Sheppard studied ballet and modern dance with Kitty Lunn, making her debut with Infinity Dance Theater. After an apprenticeship, she joined AXIS Dance Company, where she toured nationally and taught in the company’s education and outreach programs. She has danced in projects throughout the United States and the United Kingdom with Ballet Cymru, GDance, Marc Brew, Marjani Forté, MBDance, Infinity Dance Theater, Steve Paxton, Full Radius Dance, and MOMENTA. Sheppard has also performed as a solo artist and academic speaker throughout the United States. At NEW INC, Sheppard is working on a collaboration with dancer Laurel Lawson, lighting and video artist Michael Maag, professors Sara Hendren and Yevgeniya Zastavker, and students of Olin College.