Ashley Simone / ashleysimone.com

Ashley Simone is a photographer, designer, editor, and educator. She received an M.Arch from Columbia GSAPP and teaches in the School of Architecture at Pratt Institute. She is a fellow of the Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization, run in tandem with the United Nations. Her recent editorial work includes the books A Genealogy of Modern Architecture: Comparative Critical Analysis of Built Form by Kenneth Frampton (2015) and Absurd Thinking: Between Art and Design by Allan Wexler (2016).  

Simone’s practice centers on architecture and visual communication. While at GSAPP Incubator she will continue her work in graphic design and photography of the urban and built environments. At the same time, she will edit Two Journeys, a book on the work of Michael Webb, and begin a collaborative curatorial project for an exhibition on Kenneth Frampton’s graphic design, focusing on the design and production techniques of work he executed as the editor of Architectural Design during the 1960s.