Bika Rebek / bikaa.net

Bika Rebek’s work questions the relationship between museums and technology, using the GSAPP Incubator as a testing ground for models of collaboration between institutional structures and communities engaged in the research of novel digital techniques. Components of this project will range from streamlining exhibition design processes to fostering discourse and publishing on the use and display of computing in museum practice.

Rebek is an architect practicing within heterogeneous formats. Performances, installations, and writing are an integral part of her work, acting as catalysts for open-ended thinking about architectural production. She is an adjunct assistant professor at Columbia GSAPP and a principal at Studio SibilaSoon. Her work has been featured in the New York Times and Fast Company and her writing published in the Architect’s Newspaper, Bartlett’s Lobby Magazine, and the Estonian architectural newspaper Maja. In the past year Bika has worked at The Metropolitan Museum of Art as an Exhibition Designer, with special focus on the Met Breuer. Previously she has worked for Asymptote Architecture as well as a number of architecture offices internationally.