Carla Cisno is an Italian sound and live media artist who works at the intersection of art, music, design, and technology. Focusing on immersive and interactive projects, she develops animate environmental forms that intentionally confuse the senses of touch, hearing, and vision in favor of generating more indeterminate means of perception.

Cisno’s work has been presented internationally at institutions and in festivals such as Klangspuren, Transart Festival, Tokyo Experimental Sound Art Festival, the Banff Centre, Experimentalstudio des SWR, the Computer Music Center at Columbia University, Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, Fabrica, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Basel, the Bern Biennial, and the Milan Triennial. Born in Buenos Aires, Cisno lives and works in New York, where she recently completed her MFA in Sound Arts at Columbia University.

Sound Art / Immersive Design