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Website / Social Media
http://www.booksthatgrow.com / @djfberry

Product Design/Development, Media/Publishing, Film/Videography, Brand Development, Business Client Development, Education, Customer Acquisition

One-On-One Mentor
Daniel Fountenberry is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Abundant Media Inc, an e-learning company on a mission to unlock human potential by developing affordable and broadly-accessible cloud-based products and services for learners of all ages. Abundant Media is best known for its signature product, Books That Grow, an instructional platform with materials that adapt to the student’s reading ability so that students with special learning needs can read and learn alongside their peers to promote inclusive learning environments.

Previously, Fountenberry worked in strategy and business development for a number of global media and technology brands including the History Channel, Thomson Reuters, and ABC News, where he served as Chief of Staff. Before starting his career in media and technology, Fountenberry taught middle school in his hometown, East Palo Alto. Fountenberry is an active member of both the New York and Bay Area startup community, where he coaches and mentors other entrepreneurs.