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DANIELLE STRLE / strle.tumblr.com


Danielle Strle is both a senior technology and creative professional and a child of the internet. She has built and led formative teams at Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and Getty Images. Her specialties include community and content management, technical interfacing, and business development. She is a frequent speaker on a variety of topics, including content trends, growing up online, and building businesses in the age of social media.

Strle is also a producer, investor, and adviser to a diverse array of creative projects and businesses, including a retro-future detective story set in a sci-fi TV universe; a biochemical testing lab; a gap-year start-up; a designer lightbulb company; a creative workshops start-up; and the millennial digital task force at WNYC—to name a few. She likes building new things and having lots of irons in the fire.

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