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Definer is the world's first mobile social network for defining and redefining words with friends. Founded by creative duo Felicity Sargent and Mark Mollé, Definer was built to take a stance against the accelerating trend of automated content creation and to promote genuine engagement and creativity through wordplay. Sargent and Mollé, who go by "Sargent-Mollé" or "S&M,” depending on the situation, are currently exploring the intersection of language, art, culture, sex, and technology, and their latest project will investigate these themes through a new mobile app and corresponding 3-D printed objects and installations designed to facilitate #IRL connections. They are also digital strategy consultants specializing in naming and ideation. 

Mollé is from New York City and has degrees in philosophy and law. He rescued an exotic terrier whose nom de guerre is "DJ MADD SQUIRRELS."

Sargent is from a town in Vermont whose animal population exceeds its human population. She writes a column for called "Connected," focusing on culture and technology. She is also a certified Corgi Whisperer. 

The Team

Felicity Sargent: Founder

Mark Mollé: Founder

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