1. Can I invite a +1 to Demo Day?
Each presenting group is allowed no more than one guest. Note: You MUST send your guest's name, email, and information to the communications manager. NEW INC will be sending out the invitations.

2. What will I have in the Sky Room? 
You get 2' x 4' of table space (half of a table). Nothing more.

3. What will NEW INC provide?
electrical outlets, power boards, tables, and tablecloths.

4. What, exactly, can I set up?
Setup can include a single monitor, a mobile app, an iPad, and/or analog items that help tell your story. We must stress that a monitor is fine as long as you can mount it on the table and it does not occupy more than your allotted space. 

5. When do we install in the Sky Room?
You must bring all items to the Sky Room between 9 AM and 10 AM on the day before Demo Day. If you fail to bring your materials in this time, you will not participate. No exceptions.

6. How much time will I have to set up?
You must complete setup in 3 hours.

7. Is there a chance I can get more space?
Unfortunately, the answer is NO. The Sky Room is small, and we need to accommodate nearly 20 people, so we do not have the capacity to offer extra space.

8. Will you have projectors?
Unfortunately, we will not be able to support projectors.

9. What set up can I have for my VR project?
If you are showcasing a project in VR, we will be unable to provide chairs. Furthermore, we cannot accommodate VIVEs, and can only support Occulus on a case-by-case basis, so please limit yourselves where possible to Gear or Cardboard, or adjust your presentation accordingly to show recordings of the experience.

10. Do you have more information for me?
Follow this link.