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Emilie Baltz creates experiences that provoke new connections within the five senses as a means of stimulating the individual and the collective. A nontraditional creative, Baltz works at the intersection of design, performance, strategy, and the visual arts. As a personal passion, she uses the eating experience as both lens and machine for cultural reflection and creation. In this sector, Baltz works to reframe, re-question, and remind ourselves of the fundamental place food occupies in our lives as a portal into both the primitive and the civilized.

Baltz is based in New York City and is part of the founding faculty of the Products of Design program at the School of Visual Arts well as the founder of the Food Design Studio at Pratt Institute. She is the former Creative Director of the Museum of Sex, New York, and has collaborated with David Byrne, Chef Albert Adria, David Lynch, Droog Design, and Limoges Porcelain. 

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