Generate is a mobile app that is revolutionizing the way people share and create moving images on devices today. Through its intuitive interface, users can easily make unique images, videos, and audio-reactive content. With a library of distinctive, custom-designed filters, as well as the ability to add sound using a microphone or music, visuals come to life in seemingly endless permutations. Images or videos can be captured in either square or landscape formats, making them platform-ready to share on social networks. Ultimately, Generate envisions a future where your phone is your creative production toolkit and every moment holds the opportunity to capture, produce, present, and even project your creative vision, regardless of resources.

Generate was founded by Malcolm Levy with Sarah Cole-Burnett, Patrick Daggitt, Rafael Puyana, David Schwartz, Jesse Scott, and Leó Stefánsson. With an extensive history producing and curating culture internationally, Levy gained invaluable artistic practice and experience while establishing New Forms Festival and Hybridity Music. Generate has worked with Art Basel Miami Beach, CMJ New York, Decible Festival, Seattle, and TedxVancouver, adding dynamic visuals to events that expand creative dialogues. 

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