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HE&HU was formed in 2014 in New York City by the artist couple He Wei and Hu Naishu. HE&HU is an experimental art group that uses food as its main medium, combining sculpture, installation, design, media, and performance in order to create the participatory art events. He and Hu believe food is their medium to communicate with art and world. They use “play” as a method to explore the behavior of dining and to achieve a balance between art and the generality of food culture. Their work can be described as form of social practice and, in particular, as a performance about food, art, and design. They are also facilitating a dialog between East and West, and bridging cultures through food and art, through their deep roots in Chinese culture scenes.

He and Hu have different roles in their practice. He focuses on the redefinition of space according to the context and behavior of consumption and the construction of dining atmospheres. Hu, however, focuses more on interpreting the hidden innocence of human beings through her unique and acute intuition. She measures her subjects’ bodies and explores the dramatic relationship between people. HE and HU are both members of China Programs Advisory Committee in NYFA.


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