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Product Design/Development, Media/Publishing, Virtual Reality, Graphic Design, Brand Development, Fashion & Wearable Tech, Web & Mobile Development, Marketing, Business Client Development, Food

One-On-One | Office Hours Mentor
Meredith Finkelstein is a co-founder of fashion juggernaut Print All Over Me. She is also a co-founder of Kokowa, a platform for self-publishing virtual reality and 3D worlds. As a technologist and entrepreneur, Meredith has worked at the intersection of technology, robotics, video, and fashion. She is currently advising on a number of crypto-currency and IOT initiatives in the food tech space, and is interested in innovative solutions that create sustainable economies and alternate modes of creation and consumption.

Jesse Finkelstein is the co-founder of Print All Over Me and Kokowa. He is interested in creating tools and platforms that allow people to express their creativity and collaborate.