As the first museum-led incubator, we want to foster cultural value, not just capital value.

NEW INC is designed as a 12-month program that runs annually from September through August. Over the course of the year, members will participate in business and entrepreneurial training with seasoned experts, mentorship programs, group critiques, peer-to-peer learning, and critical discourse about the changing nature of culture, technology, and entrepreneurship. 

NEW INC's aim is to help creative practitioners build frameworks to realize their ideas, understand how to leverage their potential, and learn business models and strategies that can help those ideas become self-sustaining, and maybe even scale. In the wake of the post-digital economy, we also seek to investigate possible economic alternatives and new models that could point the way forward towards more fair and progressive business practices.






We are a curated creative community.

NEW INC is an interdisciplinary creative ecosystem. We bring together boundary-pushing professionals who are inventing new forms in fields as varied as music, interactive art, fashion, gaming, architecture, film, performing arts, product design, web development, and more.

We celebrate the role of culture in industry and society.

We believe that looking to the humanities is vital for inventing the kind of future we want to live in. Divergent thinking, creative exploration and critical discourse are essential ingredients for truly innovative ideas.

We embrace alternative definitions of success.

We encourage a diverse approach to smart and sustainable funding strategies that includes grant and crowd funding, sponsorship and venture capital, as well as hybrid business models like social enterprises, B-corps and Public Benefit Corps.  

Small and big ideas welcome.

NEW INC is home to artists, designers, studios, and start-ups — all of whom bring something different to the table. We believe that new ideas come from all cultures and regardless of size, that there is value, purpose, and the potential for impact. Not every idea needs to scale in order to be significant.

We promote entrepreneurship with integrity.

Business doesn’t need to be at odds with social and environmental responsibility. We believe in idealistic entrepreneurship that can marry business thinking with creative ingenuity to help devise better business models.

We take diversity seriously.

We believe great ideas and new models are generated with a more inclusive and diverse community. We actively strive to reach diverse communities in our recruitment efforts and offer scholarships and subsidies to help those facing financial hardship.




At the core of what NEW INC has to offer is our professional development program. We have designed a curriculum that teaches members how to work through problems that don't have easy solutions — as the majority of our members are working in emerging, hybrid spaces that don't have existing guidelines and may require new models. We strive to discover alternative strategies to address contemporary business and creative challenges.

Panels & Workshops +

Weekly master classes and hands-on workshops comprise the foundation of NEW INC’s twelve-month professional development program. Topics include Hybrid Practice, Business Strategy, Leadership, Startup Law, Accounting, Fundraising, Branding, Marketing, PR, Strategic Partnerships, and other need-to-know topics for any new business or emerging arts professional.

Lunch Lectures +

Informal lunchtime lectures bring a range of thought leaders, academics, practitioners, and other luminaries in the fields of art, technology, design, and entrepreneurship to share their knowledge and expertise with the NEW INC community.

Office Hours +

NEW INC's community of advisors, mentors, and friends come in for dedicated office hours, giving members of our community access to short one-on-one sessions with individualized critiques and feedback on specific challenges.

Demo Days and Showcases +

Our biannual Demo Days showcase member projects and research, offering opportunities for members to present their work and ideas to the greater community of NEW INC supporters, family, and friends. Our End of Year Showcase presents more mature projects to the greater public at the end of each term.

Skillshares +

Our community comes with a vast array of skills and areas of expertise. Promoting peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, NEW INC members will be encouraged to self-organize workshops or presentations to share their skills and research with the rest of the incubator community.

Status Sessions +

We encourage collaboration and community, and promote peer-to-peer learning and mentorship, highlighting the knowledge and expertise already present within the community. Status sessions are a monthly organized event to provide our community with the opportunity to connect with one another on a peer level.

Field Trips +

Learning isn't confined just to our walls! We strive to find the best opportunities to take trips outside of NEW INC, from guided gallery tours to studio walk-throughs.

Mentorships (Full-time Members) +

Leveraging the New Museum’s Board, NEW INC’s Board, and our greater network of experts and advisors, we will pair full-time members with mentors who can help guide them through challenging periods, advise them on product development and business strategy, as well as help make relevant introductions.




With 8,000 sq. feet of dedicated workspace, prototyping space, social areas, and event space, NEW INC offers an ideal environment for seeding and testing creative enterprises.


  • 60 desks for full-time and part-time members
  • 2 shared conference and meeting rooms
  • 30-seat screening room and event space
  • 2 phone booths
  • Dedicated storage lockers for full-time members
  • Kitchenette with coffee machine, fridges, and microwave
  • Couches and social areas
  • 24/7 security card access
  • Nighttime security


  • Basic prototyping lab and community workbench
  • 2 HP Z840 machines for high powered processing & graphics
  • 3 MakerBot and 2 Ultimaker 3D printers
  • Trotec Speedy100 laser cutter
  • Physical computing tools from SparkFun
  • Canon equipment suite with cameras, projectors and large format printers