NEW INC is a 12-month program that runs annually from September through August. Over the course of their membership, members participate in a professional development program with seasoned experts and mentors that include group critiques, peer-to-peer learning, and open conversations about the changing nature of culture, technology, and business. 

NEW INC aims to help our members build frameworks and develop strategies that make their ideas self-sustaining. We want members to investigate economic alternatives, fair business models, and progressive business practices.

At the core of what NEW INC has to offer is our professional development program. We have designed a curriculum that teaches members how to work through problems that don't have easy solutions—as the majority of our members are working in emerging, hybrid spaces that don't have existing guidelines and may require new models. We strive to discover alternative strategies to address contemporary creative challenges.

Panels and Workshops +

Weekly classes and hands-on workshops comprise the foundation of NEW INC’s 12-month professional development program. Topics include: Hybrid Practice, Business Strategy, Leadership, Startup Law, Accounting, Fundraising, Branding, Marketing, Public Relations, and Strategic Partnerships.

Lunch Lectures +

Informal lunchtime lectures bring a range of thought leaders, academics, practitioners, and other luminaries in the fields of art, technology, design, and entrepreneurship to share their knowledge and expertise with the NEW INC community.

Office Hours +

NEW INC's community of advisors, mentors, and friends come in for dedicated office hours, giving members of our community access to short one-on-one sessions with individualized critiques and feedback on specific challenges.

Skillshares +

Our community comes with a vast array of skills and areas of expertise. Promoting peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, NEW INC members are encouraged to self-organize workshops or presentations to share their skills and research with the rest of the incubator community.

Status Sessions +

Status sessions are a monthly organized event to provide our community with the opportunity to connect with one another on a peer level.

Field Trips +

Learning isn't confined to within our walls! From guided gallery tours to studio walk-throughs, we strive to find the best opportunities to take trips outside of NEW INC.





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