Public Science is a loose interdisciplinary conglomeration that uses storytelling, games, and satire to reconfigure new technologies for social and political purposes. Their projects include an interactive installation simulating quantified-self Taylorism, a video game demonstrating the absurdity of disruptive start-up logic, and tools for speculating alternative economies. Public Science’s current work is centered around building tools to encourage counterfactual systems of thinking and the cognitive mapping of the complex world.

Public Science is made up of Fei Liu and Francis Tseng. Liu is an interactive media artist, designer, writer, and DJ at a Brooklyn-based artist-run radio show. She uses storytelling and satire as social criticism and is currently working on her first tech-noir novella. Tseng is a designer and software engineer who works with simulation and machine learning. He has worked on the Coral Project as an OpenNews fellow, taught about technology at the New School, and prototyped news automation software with a Knight Prototype Fund grant.

The Team

Francis Tseng: Co-founder
Fei Liu: Member

Game Design / Alternative Economies



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