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Wearable Tech, Design, Fashion

One-On-One | Office Hours Mentor
Sabine Seymour is a designer, entrepreneur, and researcher known for her work in the realms of fashionable technology and design. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of SUPA. Her book publications include Fashionable Technology: The Intersection of Design, Fashion, Science, and Technology (2008), and Functional Aesthetics: Visions in Fashionable Technology (2010).

In addition to her research, she has curated exhibitions around the world at Ars Electronica, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Smart Fabrics, and ISEA, and serves as a jury member for multiple renowned international institutions and conferences. Seymour received a PhD and MSc in social and economic sciences from the Vienna University of Economics and Columbia University in New York, and an MPS in interactive telecommunications from New York University.