Created by women and founded on core principles of comfort, privacy, and mutual respect, Siren is the only personality-centric dating app designed to spark real connections through conversation. Dating apps provide a useful service, but the static profile model and "swipe-to-reject" gaze of popular sites amplify a deep current of objectification and alienation that runs through internet culture. Paradoxically, this often results in feelings of isolation, when what we want is connection. At Siren, there is no swiping. No "shopping for humans." A “question of the day” feature creates a context for conversation, and personalities reveal themselves organically over time, as in real life.

Siren partnered with Durex on a campaign that garnered thirty-seven million views, will be appear on PBS’s “Start Up” this fall, and has been featured in outlets including NPR, the Seattle Times, the Guardian, CNN, the Stranger, GeekWire, ThinkProgress, Frieze, and the Establishment.

Cofounder Susie Lee is the CEO. A graduate of Yale, Columbia, and the University of Washington with degrees in molecular biophysics and biochemistry, science education, and art, she's interested in the ways technology can amplify humanity. Cofounder Katrina Hess is the COO. She left high school at 15 to work and live independently and has been financially independent ever since. She has twenty years of experience in small- and large-scale corporate environments.

The Team

Susie Lee: Cofounder and CEO
Katrina Hess: Cofounder and COO

Creative Entrepreneurship / Online Communities