The NEW INC STREAM, launched in January 2017, is a digital publication founded by Rain Embuscado to support the New Museum’s cultural incubator. The platform publishes original reporting on the artists, designers, and engineers that comprise the NEW INC community, as well as aggregated news roundups on the emerging transdisciplinary fields in which they operate. 

Between Q&A profiles, features, in-depth interviews, reports, photo essays, informational videos, and a monthly podcast series, we'll be streaming a dynamic mix of articles that keep cultural capital at the fore.

For questions, concerns, or comments, please contact the STREAM's founder and publisher at

Founder/Editor: Rain Embuscado
Founding Members: Adriana Herrera-Perhamus, Aasim Rasheed
Contributing Reporters: Annie Armstrong, Evan Berk, Annie Felix
Content Producers: Daria Harper, Justin Kinard, Yu Ling Wu

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