VolvoxLabs (VVOX) is an interdisciplinary new media design studio working at the bridge between the digital and the physical. The studio specializes in multimedia experiences and interactive environments through the integration of video, sound, architecture, and visual effects. From ideation to app programming to fabrication and physical installation, VVOX is involved in all aspects of development. With two facilities in Brooklyn—one for digital design and the other for prototyping and fabrication—the studio synthesizes cutting-edge technology with organic systems and designs to create awe-inspiring experiences.

Cofounded and led by the studio’s Polish-born Creative Director, Kamil Nawratil, VVOX has worked on product launches, architectural installations, and worldwide tours, including  Dubfire Live Hybird and BT’s Electronic Opus, with iconic brand names such as Microsoft, Sonos, Lincoln Ford Motor Company, LinkedIn, Facebook, and H&M, and groundbreaking chefs like Ferran Adriá of elBullilab. VVOX’s work has been exhibited at SONAR, SIGGRAPH-Hong Kong, RENEW Copenhagen, Lumen Prize Exhibit, SXSW Interactive, TEDxBrooklyn, Kinetica Art Fair; and has been featured on WIRED, Creators Project,Fast Company, Create Digital Motion, Creative Applications, and Communications Art magazine.

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