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WE-DESIGNS / we-designs.com


WE-DESIGNS is a generative creative agency that delivers branded designs, installations, and interactive experiences through a new technology- and research-led approach. WE has produced work for museums, festivals, art fairs, and public installations, as well as fashion and lifestyle branding and retail concepts. The agency’s media team develops concepts, audience engagement strategy, experience design, and activations, and its production and design team renders them in the physical, interactive, multisensory built experience.

As a design practice, WE believes that the future of collaborative work should include engaging design beyond architectural space and into various fields and practices, such as digital media, advertising, software, design fabrication, and beyond. Their collaborations are wide-ranging and have included production work for large cultural events, designs for high-end fashion companies, installations for cultural institutions, object-based product research designs, and more. WE believes in working toward answers to the larger definition of what architecture encompasses within new global practices.

The Team

Wendy Fok: Founder and Creative Director

Architecture / Digital Media / Design