PAOM x NMS Collaboration Fall 2014

One of Print All Over Me's latest creations can be found in the window display outside of the New Museum!

Collaborating with the New Museum Store, PAOM designed a line of garments and accessories, along with a holiday window display, inspired by the Swiss Alps and The Sound of Music. Using a wide range of fabrics including silk, cotton, and neoprene for the collection, the entire surface of the fabric is printed with imagery that varies from photos of the Swiss Alps sourced from Google Image search results to brushstrokes and the “Dying Dandy,” both original Print All Over Me designs.

Thinking about what a holiday window should look like, the team at PAOM couldn’t help but think of the Alps. “Even though I’ve never been to the Alps, it looks so nice and fancy. There’s something really beautiful about it, but also creepy,” explains Jesse Finkelstein, cofounder of PAOM. Even though the landscape is idyllic, it is also redolent with war, namely the Swiss National Redoubt and World War II, with the Von Trapp family escaping the Nazis through the mountains.

PAOM’s interpretation of the landscape and film makes perfect sense when considering their products and corresponding window display: a classic with an unexpected twist.

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Author: Wearable Tech