NEW INC's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

If you're still looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list, you're cutting it pretty close! Perhaps you can use an extra dose of inspiration — whether your loved ones are into music, fashion, visual art, or crafting things themselves, the NEW INC members have got them covered. Here’s our gift collection for 2015:



  Blatosphere Collaboration; Michelle Cherian, Subterranean Swing bracelet; TELFAR, CUSTOMER Club℠; Patrick Delorey's Continuum collection.

The highlight of Michelle Cherian’s Atha collection is the Subterranean Swing bracelet. Handmade in Patan, Nepal, the unique design was created in collaboration between Michelle and her local partners, modeled in brass from a hand-carved buffalo horn.

Continuum is the inaugural collection of self-generating, limited edition design objects from artist & designer Patrick Delorey. Though the jewelry won’t be released until early 2016, these beautiful pieces are worth the wait. 

Once available only to collaborators, staff and models, CUSTOMER Club℠ is “your backstage pass to TELFAR.” Which is to say, branded merchandise for insiders-only, so you can rep the eponymous menswear line from Queens-born and Liberia-raised fashion designer, Telfar Clemens.

Blastosphere: Digital Art Becomes 3D Fashion brought together three NEW INC collaborators and commissioned three artists (Alexandra Gorczynski, Miles Peyton, and Tara Sinn) to explore and expand the potential of creating art online. The artists created new works for NewHive, then produced three pieces of 3D wearable art which are available at Print All Over Me and have embedded animations encoded into the garments that you can activate with an app from REIFY.



  Artiphon, INSTRUMENT 1; Bhold, Bheard Sound Pod.

Functioning as a guitar, piano, drum pad, synthesizer, or whole series of other instruments, Artiphon's INSTRUMENT 1 can be played regardless of skill level. Recently named one of TIME magazine’s “15 Best Inventions of 2015,” it’s available for pre-order, due to be shipped in early 2016. In the meantime, let the folks at Artiphon know that this is a "gift" and they'll send your recipient a placeholder card.

The Bheard Sound Pod is a portable acoustic speaker, designed and produced by Bhold and their global community of beta testers. It comes in waterproof composite rubber or ceramic and is available in all sorts of colors. You can get yours online and for the ceramic version, in the New Museum Store.



  TUNICA Magazine Issue #4;   Martin Adolfsson's Curious Moments;   Adam Harvey, Think Privacy Collection;   Maxrelax, New Museum Holiday Gift Membership.

The latest addition to Adam Harvey’s Privacy Gift Shop — The Think Privacy Collection, is a set of five colorful posters with bold typography meant to bring awareness to big data, privacy, and surveillance in your personal space.

To spend all of your nights with the New Museum, select their Holiday Gift Membership, which comes with one of the small batch night-lights created in partnership with studio Maxrelax. The light is in the shape of the iconic SANAA-designed building at 235 Bowery, and each one in the collection of 100 is unique.

Photographer Martin Adolfsson has collected 12 of the most Curious Moments from his travels this year, ranging from cityscapes of San Francisco and Hong Kong to Iceland’s eerie landscapes. You can collect any one or more of his mysteriously serene shots.

TUNICA offers a range of highly curated and brightly colored products in their online shop. Select from a subscription to their bi-annual magazine or porcelain collaboration with SAINT KAREN, among many other options.



  Print All Over Me, collaboration with Kastor & Pollux; Monegraph works by Reza Ardelan and Sam Thurman; Exonemo, Antibot t-shirt.

Collaborative fashion lines are the domain of Print All Over Me (and they are incredibly prolific, launching a new collaboration every week!) The site allows users to create designs which can be printed on seasonal collections of silhouettes — skirts, shirts, jumpsuits and all. Or, if you would rather just tap into the existing community, you’ll find more than 6 million designs to choose from. We recommend the highlight right now, PAOM’s collaboration with Toronto-based creative collective Kastor & Pollux.

Upload and self-license your digital work to Monegraph’s blockchain-based platform, licensing your own work for sale or purchasing original work from their growing community. For example, photographer Reza Ardelan and illustrator Sam Thurman have pieces available for sale.

Exonemo’s Antibot T-shirt Store allows the user to generate their own design, or select from a collection of previously-created editions. Currently only available in Japan, the shirts are projected to be available in the US and additional countries in early 2016.


With this list to choose from, you have no excuse for that last-minute gift card wrapped in colorful ribbon!

Featured image from Patrick Delorey's Continuum