Jasmin Jodry is bringing performances to life with scenography that is so responsive to dancers' movements, graphics play as integral a role in performances as the performers themselves. MODULAR is a unique design and interactive software that outputs real-time audio and visuals, creating truly immersive environments that respond to the fluctuations and movements of music and performers.  

The software works by taking sound, movement, biometric and light data, and applying it to design and interactive modules that produce customizable outputs. According to Jodry, “These outputs could be any media, ranging from projection mapping, LED content, soundscapes, or light shows".

Modular’s outputs create interactive experiences that showcase dancers, while inviting audience participation. Hybrid, seen below, is an immersive performance using Modular, exploring how projections, music, and dance can interact with one another.


Jodry previewed this software at NEW INC's Demo Day in late January, and this Friday, March 20, she will be debuting an installation with performances at The Vasquez Building. This iteration of the project has been realized in collaboration with Dave Rife and Gabe Liberti, two NEW INC members, as well as Vincent Houzé, Wynn Holmes, and Genji Siraisi.

Performances will be held Friday night at 7, 8, and 9 PM. Further performances will run throughout the exhibition, on view until March 29. For specific dates and times, see the exhibition announcement below or view them here.

Author: Jasmin Jodry