Disco Dog

Disco Dog will make your four-legged friend a PARTY animal! 

Disco Dog by creative lab PARTY NYC is the first smartphone-controlled LED dog vest. With 256 RGB LEDs, the vest displays a range of animated patterns and customized scrolling messages using PARTY's Disco Dog smartphone application.

According to PARTY, "It’s a fun way to celebrate your dog, and also keeps her visible and safe when it’s dark out." The best part? "If your dog runs too far away and the connection is lost, the vest will show an automatic 'LOST DOG' message, asking bystanders to help the lost pup find her way back."  

An early prototype of the project debuted at our first Demo Day in late January; now, we're excited to see the Kickstarter launch. Help PARTY launch their first ever original product by backing it here

“Even though this is a unconventional piece of wearable tech, our goal is to make sure that this had a very low barrier to entry. By going through this R&D process, we plan to make sure this is incredibly easy to use so that it can be enjoyed by all people regardless of their experience with technology.”
— Tom Galle, Creative Technologist, PARTY NYC
Disco Dog making her debut at NEW INC's Demo Day!

Disco Dog making her debut at NEW INC's Demo Day!

“This project developed naturally from some shared interests of everybody on the team here at PARTY NYC. We all truly love dogs and technology. More specifically, we love the magic and joy, as well as utility, that technology can create. During a normal weekly brainstorming session we came up with this idea and decided to put resources behind a prototype. It was so much fun we wanted to try and share it with the world via Kickstarter.”
— Jamie Carreiro, Tech & Creative Director, PARTY NYC