REIFY has been one of the fastest-growing companies at NEW INC. In just a few short months, Founder and CEO Allison Wood has amassed an incredible team around her, including master technologist Kei Gowda, creative coder David Lobser, who basically has parametric systems in his DNA, and UX/UI Designer Christine Walthall, skilled at transforming complex systems into elegant and intuitive interfaces. Last month, the team moved into a new studio in Bushwick as they prepare for launch, but retain their part-time membership at NEW INC as they develop their company structure and work on upcoming collaborations with the New Museum and the NEW INC community.

Using a range of 3-D printing materials, including plastic, bronze, and even coconut husk, REIFY is exploring the variegated potential of sound waves. Waves can be shaped and molded with REIFY's custom software that transforms waves into physical, sculptural objects.

While this enables you to literally hold onto an ephemeral sound, the finished sculptures can also be "listened to" and played with REIFY's augmented reality smartphone app. By reading the contours of the form, the app translates the shape back into audible sound waves.

Any kind of sound is possible source material: a single, an album, a poem, a deep space sound; really, anything you can imagine. And REIFY is reimagining inventive sculptural combinations each day.

Check out the video and photos below to see how they #makeitreal.

Here are some of our favorite prototypes that they've designed so far. Explore them all on REIFY's Tumblr

β€œREIFY transforms sound into something we can see, sculpt, and hold. Using 3-D digital technologies, we build collaborative tools for creating cross-sensory experiences of sound.”

Author: REIFY