Capturing and adding effects to audio visuals—and being able to share them with your friends and a whole community of other creators—just got a whole lot easier. And, you can do it on the go! Generate, a mobile app for iOS and Android, is revolutionizing the way we take, edit, and share videos, with the aim of making video as intuitive, fun, and embedded in culture as photo sharing apps. 

Unlike other apps, though, Generate is designed by artists, and is built for artists and the creatively curious. Founded by artist Malcolm Levy, co-founded by Sarah Cole-Burnett, along with Patrick DaggittRafael PuyanaJesse ScottDavid Schwartz, and Leó Stefànsson, the Generate team is made up of a collective of artists and creative coders. They think about their app as a legitimate tool for production and post-production. Like fellow NEW INC member NewHive, Generate caters to seasoned artists and more novice creators who are looking "to unleash their artistic talent." According to the Generate team, "It's not just a tool for 'serious' artists and musicians; its accessibility encourages everyone to try something new." 

"Our goal is to make this a unique and creative space, one that is as much about discovering new tools as it is about collaborating with others. By expanding the concept of artistic collaboration to a creative app community we believe we can help nourish budding talent and support the next generation of digital artists."

This past month, Generate launched a new Artist Program, which fosters collaboration, features the work of artists who use the app as a part of their practice, and has some bonus features for members, including "access to upgraded toolkits, direct support from the creative team, and access to new features and filters ahead of their public launch."

With over 10,000 members already participating in the Artist Program, Generate is providing the space and support for users to experiment with a larger community. The program page features the work of such creators and highlights the collaborations Generate has forged, with the likes of GrandtheftThriftworksTrouble AndrewHieroglyphic BeingDJ Mini, and Michael Brock.

If you'd like to participate, you can download the app for free on iOS or Android and get in touch with them at

Author: Generate