Return to Tomorrow

As artificial intelligence develops beyond our cognitive faculties and robots outpace human laborers, it's becoming increasingly easier to imagine a future without us. But even if robots don't take our jobs, our species won't be around forever. Instead of being stymied by this fact, artist Ashley Zelinskie looks to the future optimistically—albeit in a speculative, sci-fi fashion—making artwork for a world without humans, and instead dominated by machines. 

"This work is not for us. It is for the future. Each of these pieces takes for granted that computers will outlast their makers, that technology will supplant humanity, and that craft should follow suit."

"If the Earth need be handed over to machines, we must prepare them not only to be accurate and efficient, but also cultured."

Zelinskie's current exhibition, "Return to Tomorrow" is on view at the Kingsborough College Art Gallery through April 14. To celebrate the closing weekend of the show, while also giving an incentive to travel to the far depths of Brooklyn (aside from the art, that is!), there is a party bus on Saturday, April 11 that leaves from NEW INC at 1 PM and arrives in Brighton at 2 PM for the closing reception. To attend, RSVP here.

Author: Ashley Zelinskie