Surveillant Anxiety

What are the lived effects of surveillance? From the anxieties of the surveilled to those of the surveillers, this panel considers the cultural, physiological, political, and psychological effects of mass surveillance.

Moderated by Kate Crawford, with Simone BrowneJade E. DavisBiella Coleman, and Karen Levy

“It wasn’t until Edward Snowden released that very significant case of documents that we started to see what we call the supply side of surveillance—the logistics of surveillance and what kinds of anxieties haunt that surveillance. So it’s interesting that even the old guards of data—the NSA the GHQ all of the intelligence agencies—are facing real anxieties about what happens when you have too much data to be understood. And also real anxieties about what might happen if that data pipeline gets switched off.”
— Kate Crawford

Further Reading
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Kate Crawford and Laura Poitras, "Divorce Your Metadata," Rhizome
Jade E. Davis, "Seveillance: Reflective surveillance and censoring in acknowledgement of the 'other'"

Author: Deep Lab