Final days of our Showcase, closing July 30

After an incredible run since opening July 10, our first end-of-year Showcase is now coming into its final days. Red Bull Studios is open all weekend and free of charge, so be sure to check out these projects before it's too late! 

To see a behind-the-scenes look at these collaborative projects being realized, check out the videos below. 

The Principals and Studio Studio came together to create Snowblind, an ephemeral installation of cloud architecture that asks how the built environment can evolve beyond our current imagination.

Specimen is an addictive, minimalist game about color perception created by New Inc members Erica Gorochow and Charlie Whitney. Now available at the App Store.

ODD DIVISION and Little Dragon collaborated to create Edge of the Universe, a musical interface that uses samsung phones instead of instruments.

Drawing Operations Unit: Generation_1, or D.O.U.G, by artist Sougwen Chung is an installation composed of looping videos exploring the nature of procedural mark-making as a visual collaboration between artist and machine. #drawingwithdoug

GIFbooth, the coolest photobooth in the world, was the result of a collaboration between Pablo Gnecco and Dan Moore.

LUMA, a collaboration between Lisa Park and Kevin Siwoff, is an interactive, sound-responsive light sculpture, inspired by the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence and the playful fairy tales of childhood.

The Counterpointer is a synthesizer that generates Baroque harmonies to a melody input by the user. The one on show at Red Bull was a collaboration between Luisa Pereira and Yotam Mann.

Cotton Candy Theremin is the result of a collaboration between Emilie Baltz and Philip Sierzega. A cotton candy–spinning performance at the intersection of food, design, performance, and technology.