Demo Day & Showcase 2015

What happens when creativity meets technology? The unusual and the unexpected. Unbridled experimentation and exploration.

NEW INC’s first end-of-year Showcase features new, collaborative projects that have been developed over the course of the program’s inaugural year. Driven by a pure quest for experimentation and play, and informed by a commingling of disparate disciplines and ideas, these works thwart our expectations, defy categorization, and offer novel ways of looking at and interacting with the everyday.

We’re excited to share the latest updates and developments from NEW INC, as well as several new projects and product launches, that will be highlighted at our second Demo Day. Held in the New Museum Theater on July 14, the afternoon will feature twenty presentations from our community of artists, technologists, designers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Presentations at Demo Day will be given by information design agency Accurat; multimedia publishing platform NewHive; Monegraph, a platform to license images revolutionizing the revenue model for creators; NYC.TV, a video-only platform with curated content focusing on New York creators; and Sougwen Chung, an interdisciplinary artist working in the realm of experiential art, to name just a few.

Demo Day will be accompanied by an interactive showcase of nine collaborative projects by NEW INC members at our first end-of-year Showcase, with a curated selection of objects by our members in The Red Bull Gift Shop.

Projects in the Showcase feature work by Emilie Baltz, Annelie BernerSougwen Chung, Erica Gorochow, Yotam Mann, NewHiveOdd Division, Lisa Park, Luisa Pereira, Phil Sierzega, The Principals, Print All Over Me, Kevin Siwoff, Paul Soulellis, Studio Studio, and Charlie Whitney.

The Showcase will be on view at Red Bull Studios New York, located at 220 W 18th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues, from July 10 – 30. Viewing hours are Wednesday – Sunday, 12 – 7 PM.