Lisa Park Debuts New Piece at TodaysArt Festival

Lisa Park will be participating at TodaysArt Festival, an annual international multidisciplinary creativity festival in The Hague, Netherlands. Park, a New York-based artist, has developed a series of performances which use biosensors (brainwave and heart-rate devices and monitors) to visually and audibly represent her physical and psychological states. Her performance-based art practice triggers emotional and meditative states to explore concepts of vulnerability, self-control and confrontation.

NUE 2.jpg

In The Hague, Park will be performing two pieces, one of which, NUE, is a new debut that will be presented to the public for the first time on September 24. In NUE, Park moves through the exhibition space wearing a 200-meter white dress, weaving an intricate web of fabric inspired by the world of silkworms. Confined within this web, the audience is invited to interact with Park. Park’s reactions to those interactions are tracked in real-time by biosensor technology, and the data collected is translated into sound. As Park’s emotional state changes, sound melts together or falls apart.

On September 25 and 26, Park will perform Eunoia II. In this piece, Park surrounds herself with 48 pools of water and meditates. During her meditation, Park monitors her physical and psychological states with a commercial brainwave (EEG) headset. The data collected from Park’s headset is translated into vibrations in the pools of water. Intense signals from Park’s brain become intense ripples in the water, rendering Park’s inner world tangible.

In Eunoia II, Park creates audio-visualization of her emotional states.