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Courtesy Print All Over Me.

1. IMAX unveiled a new virtual reality center in Los Angeles. According to the LA Times's Ryan Faughnder, the cinema giant's CEO Richard Gelfond said the VR industry is "in need of a jump-start." [Los Angeles Times]

2. Print All Over Me is launching an editorial arm, which they're hoping will help their designers get more exposure. Read up about the venture it in our interview. [Stream]

3. Artsy's Anna Louie Sussman asks: "Can only rich kids afford to work in the art world?" You don't need to be in the industry to know the answer. [Artsy]

4. This review, "Remixing Intersectional Feminism At Pittsburgh’s Miller Gallery At Carnegie Mellon University," is everything. [Art F City]

5. The day LinkedIn has been rueing has finally arrived. Facebook announced Wednesday that US companies are now allowed to post job openings on the social media platform. [Fast Company]

6. Jason Farago is a fan of the Getty Research Institute's first online exhibition, “The Legacy of Ancient Palmyra,” which offers up "traces of explorations and cross-cultural exchange too many now seek to shut down." By this he means the ancient Syrian sites under siege by ISIS. [New York Times]

7. City street corners with LinkNYC kiosks will soon be screening works by Jacolby Satterwhite and other digital-based artists thanks to the Public Art Fund. [artnet News]


Author: Rain Embuscado