Hammerstep presents INDIGO GREY: THE PASSAGE

HAMMERSTEP is a Brooklyn-based creative collective founded by two-time solo World Champion Irish dancer Garrett Coleman and former lead of Riverdance, Jason Oremus.  Their performances blend high-intensity choreography, cutting-edge technology, and nontraditional audience engagement to express limitless imagination through dance. The group’s raw and percussion-driven approach to artistic expression draws from historically rebellious dance forms, including Irish dance, tap dance, hip-hop, and African stepping. 

The duo's latest endeavor is a site-specific, immersive theater experience called INDIGO GREY, based in the post-apocalyptic future. The performance will feature a choose-your-own adventure style format in which the audience members will become characters and walk through the space, fully enveloped by animated projection mapping, responsive and interactive tech elements.

This past week, HAMMERSTEP released INDIGO GREY: THE PASSAGE, an award-winning short film that combines sci-fi, dance and martial arts, with a score co-written by Amy Lee, Dave Eggar, and Chuck Palmer.  Watch here: