Watch This Design Studio Work Non-Stop For 26 Hours (VIDEO)

They recorded the entire production in real-time.



Early last November, New York-based design studio HAWRAF INTL undertook a daunting twenty-six-hour work challenge at NEW INC's event space–and filmed it. The venture, aptly titled A-Z, saw the group tackle different prompts within the space of an hour, each corresponding to a word, selected at random, that started with every letter of the Roman alphabet. 

According to the group, the project was intended to help make the creative process a little more transparent. "By learning how they work together best in a very public way," Meg Miller writes for Fast Company, "the designers hope others will learn from their experience."

In the video below, NEW INC interviews Andrew Herzog and Carly Ayres (one-half of the HAWRAF INTL team, which includes Pedro Sanches and Nicky Tesla) on what they did, how they did it, and what they hope audiences can take away from the exercise.

If you're up to the task, you can also catch the entire production (which was recorded in real-time) here.


Editor: Rain Embuscado

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