minutiae editions go on sale at NY Art Book Fair

A collaboration between an artist, photographer and developer who met through the New Museum's incubator program NEW INC, minutiae does away with profiles, liking, sharing, favoriting, following and filters. It simply provides a single opportunity each day via an alert from the app (and at a randomized minute—but simultaneous with all other participants around the globe) to document exactly what you are doing at that particular moment. The project will be offered as a limited edition of 100 that includes a two volume 2880 page handbound photo album in which all 1440 photos collected over the nearly four year cycle will be printed. The price of the edition is $1440.

“We see this as a means of freedom through constraint—there’s no pressure to curate an interesting, dynamic version of yourself since the link between your photo and your person has been erased. This allows you to truly engage with the beauty and mystery of the boring,” explained collaborator Daniel J Wilson.

“This is about the in-between moments of life that don’t rise to the level of share-worthy, or even noteworthy—moments which in fact make up the vast majority of our lived experience,” added co-collaborator Martin Adolfsson.

minutiae’s approach is backed up by science, with a recent study finding that people tend to grossly underestimate their future level of interest in the everyday, routine moments of life, as psychological scientist and lead researcher Ting Zhang of Harvard Business School explained:

“We generally do not think about today’s ordinary moments as experiences that are worthy of being rediscovered in the future. However, our studies show that we are often wrong: What is ordinary now actually becomes more extraordinary in the future—and more extraordinary than we might expect.”

The project was originally presented at the New Museum’s IDEAS CITY festival in the spring, and will be on display at the NY Art Book Fair. The project was conceptualized by Martin Adolfsson and Daniel J. Wilson with support from developer Kevin Siwoff. Adolfsson is originally from Gothenburg, Sweden. His photographic work focuses on social structures and behaviors. Wilson is from Nova Scotia and works at the intersections of science and art with an emphasis on documentation.



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