Point In Passing Delivers Dark Visuals To Art F City's 'Goth Opera'

"The goth aesthetic has taken over the art world."


Courtesy Point in Passing.

From nude artists adorned with panda pasties to a workout video of staff members in beglittered leotards, Art F City is, among many things, the art world's unparalleled expert on the subject of fun. Tomorrow, April 18, on the occasion of the non-profit's twelfth anniversary benefit, Halloween comes early once again—and this time, the invitation is set to a goth-themed soiree replete with guest opera singer Joseph Keckler and visuals from design collective Point in Passing.

In a statement on the publication's event page for "Dancing in the Dark: The Art F City Goth Benefit," guests are invited to throw on their darkest wares to Keckler's ambient performance. "It’s not just that the goth aesthetic has taken over the art world (though it has)," the statement reads, "but that goth culture, with all its sensitivity, with all its courage, is what’s needed. Surely that’s something to celebrate."

"They have a gigantic space," NEW INC member John Soat of Point in Passing told us in a recent phone conversation, referring to Collapsable Hole, where the event will be held. "We connected [with Paddy Johnson], and they were into what we were doing and how we were re-purposing YouTube as a tool. We're trying to make it as inclusive as possible."


Courtesy Art F City.

Soat, along with Point in Passing's co-founders Eric Rieper and Ross McCampbell, is responsible for the video-jockey performance tool known as WWWWWWWWWWWWW.XYZ. In short, and as Lizzie Plaugic aptly described it for The Verge: "The interactive web application allows users to choose a theme and then jump between specific moments in preselected, thematically similar videos."

"We have certain content streams that are dark and goth-related," Soat said. "We're going to run the app and curate specific playlists for the vibe of the event. We'll have three platforms with keyboards on them and they'll be interactive. Anyone can walk up and change what's happening on the screen."

Folks interested in attending will want to pick up their tickets now. Discounts are rewarded to the bravest of guests.

"Dancing in the Dark: The Art F City Goth Benefit" will be held from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Tuesday, April 18 at Collapsable Hole, 55 Bethune Street, NY, NY.


Author: Rain Embuscado