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Jean-Léon Gérôme, Bashi-Bazouk (1868–1869), remixed.
Courtesy Metropolitan Museum of Art's Public Collection.


1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced Thursday that 375,000 digital images from its public collection are now available for scholarly and commercial purposes. According to the museum's statement, the open access venture comes from a joint effort with Creative Commons, Pinterest, and others. [artnet News]

2. Artsy's Abigail Cain follows the life of mid-nineteenth century inventor Samuel F.B. Morse, the man responsible for developing Morse code. It turns out what he was really after was recognition as an American painter. [Artsy]

3. The non-profit China Residencies is hosting their third annual "Art Dumping Party" in Chinatown this Sunday. To mark the occasion, NEW INC decided to take a look back at the project's bittersweet history. [Stream]

4. Here's an in-depth feature about the women currently running the Star Wars mega-franchise, and their shared objective "to remedy the entrenched gender inequality of [the] industry."  [The New York Times]

5. Hrag Vartanian tells us about the letter that 500 artists and art professionals signed opposing the president's travel ban. [Hyperallergic]

6. NEW INC's Graham Sack had the distinct pleasure of launching the first book-to-virtual-reality adaptation ever. The New York Times-backed project, Lincoln in the Bardo, has been making its rounds. See what EW had to say. [Entertainment Weekly]

7. Social media has an official resistance emoji, or so says data journalist Hamdan Azhar. The raised fist icon, as well as flags and hearts, reportedly ranked high in a recent study analyzing 60,000 tweets. [The Huffington Post]

8. Oculus virtual reality demo stations aren't doing too well at local Best Buys. The Business Insider reported that Facebook is shuttering between 200 and 500 of its stations with the retailer across the US. [Business Insider]

9. We'll cap things off with Art F City's GIF of the day. Thanks, Michael. [Art F City]


Author: Rain Embuscado