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Here's what you missed.


Rachel Rossin. Courtesy the artist.


1. The New Museum and Rhizome rolled out a free virtual reality app featuring artworks by Rachel Rossin, Jacolby Satterwhite, and four others championing the medium. [Creator's Project]

2. Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday that former Google executive Hugo Barra will be taking the reins on Facebook's virtual reality initiatives. [New York Times]

3. Creative studio DATA X launched a Google Chrome extension that lets you monitor and track the hidden data Facebook is collecting. [Stream]

4. Art critic Holland Cotter has nice things to say about the International Center of Photography's newest exhibition on social change. "For over 40 years, the center has stayed on mission," Cotter marvels, "even as the technology of picture-making has expanded, and the main street has become the internet." [New York Times]

5. Apple has decided to play nice, joining a 'big-kids-only' artificial intelligence club working to "ensure [that] AI is developed safely and ethically." [Business Insider]

6. Online, the scramble for exclusive '.Art' web domains continues. [Artsy]

7. Hyphen-Labs' 'NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism' VR project was a massive hit at Sundance Film Institute's New Frontier showcase. [Huffington Post]

8. What does it take to make it into Fast Company's roundup of "the most creative people in business?" HAWRAF's Carly Ayres knows, and she shares the distinction this year with a sharp mix of industry shakers. [Fast Company]

9. Art F City attended three different protests during the women's march, and they returned with stellar insights. [Art F City]


Author: Rain Embuscado