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AI is taking no prisoners.


Courtesy GIPHY Creative Commons.

The Rundown:

1. Can AI write pop songs? The Paris Review certainly thinks so, and thanks to Stephanie Dinkins's op-ed, we're inclined to believe them. [The Paris Review]

2. Get to know Data for Black Lives (D4BL), a new startup that's leveraging data to provide a platform for people of color. [VICE

3. Maybe one day we'll stop squabbling long enough to actually update international laws in the internet age. But until then, we'll just have to live in a subdued state of anxiety amid the terrifying cyberhacks that strike everyday. Here's WIRED's roundup of the worst ones from 2017 so far. [WIRED]

4. Then there's the plight of Green Energy Startups in the Trump Era to think about. [Fast Company

5. You can now buy Amazon's own brand wine. George Orvell would approve, don't you think? [PC Mag]

6. Finally, LACMA is launching an artist residency for Instagram artists, and it's about time there was one if you ask us. [PAPER]

The Long Reads:

7. "The work is political because it’s politicized; politicized bodies are featured in the work. I’m a political person because if I wasn’t a political person, that would affect my safety and my well-being in the country. But that’s not why I’m making the work. I’m making the work to leave a document of my experience, leave a document of the experience of people who are like me." Tschabalala Self on not being afraid of hard work, via Creative Independent

8. "You are likely to visit theme parks" Taxonomy of Humans According to Twitter, via New Inquiry


Author: Annie Felix