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Courtesy Giphy Creative Commons.

The Rundown:

1. Here's Artsy's list of what to see at Art Basel 2017. [Artsy]

2. Turns out the internet is not for forever. Instagram's new archiving feature allows users to take old photos off their public feed. [The Verge]

3. Art world heavyweights Jeff Koons, Marina Abramovic, and Olafur Elliason take to VR with the "first" online VR gallery, exploring senses of space and objecthood. [Dazed]

4. Harlem may soon be getting its own Hip-Hop Hall of Fame in the form of a museum. [Creators]

5. Collector Agnes Gund sold her prized 1962 Roy Lichtenstein, "Masterpiece," to start a $100 million Art for Justice fund. [New York Times]

6. Wear culture with Google's new VR initiative, which lets you experience the history of fashion from vintage Chanel to The Metropolitan Museum of Art's entire costume collection. [i-D]

7. The Museum of Capitalism, opening in Oakland, California this week, is poised to take a critical look at capitalism as a dusty and crusty relic of the past. [Artsy]

8. Emotion-predictors and boredom-detectors are just two of the paranoia-inducing patents granted to Facebook. [The Verge]

The Long Reads:

9. "By commercializing the resistance movement, brands draw attention away from the original cause, thus weakening the message and presenting activism as something that can be purchased." Here's an essay on the corporatization of social activism: "Social Activism As Brand Strategy." []

10. "I think an artwork’s saving grace, if it has one, is that it’s also just dumbly and materially itself, and kind of resists becoming either an analogy or an example of anything." Here's an essay on 'Life and life, Art and art, and the co-existence of the universal and the personal:' "Hannah Black on the meaning of Life + the war on analogy for herSmall Room show in Vienna." [AQNB] 


Author: Annie Felix