Summer Demo Day 2016

NEW INC continues to be a testing ground for the exploration of new ideas at the intersection of culture, technology, and entrepreneurship. Just as our members experiment with concepts and forms of practice in the fields of art, design, and technology, we, as the first museum-led incubator, experiment with what it means to support and nurture creative enterprises. 

We were thrilled to host a Demo Day this July to give our extended community a glimpse of the most recent projects, products, and ideas developed at NEW INC in our program’s second year:




4REAL is a collective entity made up of everyone. The founders, Analisa Teachworth and Slava Balasanov, see the internet as a vast paradise—a growing place that is big, beautiful, and strong, a space that can be a container or a landscape.



Founded by Teddy Goitom and Senay Berhe, Afripedia is a platform and a visual guide to art, film, photography, fashion, design, music,  and contemporary culture from African creatives worldwide.

Nitzan Bartov


Nitzan Bartov (NITZU.ME) is a Brooklyn and Tel Aviv–based architect, game designer, and digital artist. Re ecting her movement between mediums, her games are a mash-up of architecture, spatial story- telling, and pop culture.

Michelle Cherian



Michelle Cherian is Founder and Creative Director of Atha, a fashion and lifestyle brand that fuses contemporary art and traditional craft. When Cherian is not in her Brooklyn studio, she is working with artisans in Nepal and Bali to create her next edition of jewelry and scarves.

Patrick Delorey


Patrick Delorey, Founder and Principal of Floating Point Studio, explores the intersection of new technologies and aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship. His practice is a collaboration between digitally driven tools, novel materials, and physical processes that compress time, space, and meaning.

Jacob Gordon


Jacob Gordon is Cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer at Artiphon. He has spent his career working on new media production, digital journalism, web start-ups, and consumer electronics.

Angeline Gragasin


Angeline Gragasin is a writer and filmmaker who tells stories about ecology, memory, and power.

Sean Green


Born in Jamaica and raised in Toronto, Sean Green has been cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit since he was young. His newest venture, ARTERNAL, is built on the belief that streamlining the way art galleries access data is the key to success for art sales.




HE+HU is an interdisciplinary art and consulting collective founded by He Wei and Hu Naishu. The duo facilitates a dialogue between East and West, working to bridge cultures through food, art, and design practices deeply rooted in Chinese culture.

Hello Velocity is a creative studio whose practice includes marketing, branding, commerce, and art. Combining artistic and technical backgrounds, its team understands the creative community, as well as brands’ need to engage with it.

Hello Velocity




HYPER.ZONE is a multiplatform virtual space for pop-ups, mini games, and branded content. It is composed of content creators that operate through a full-service digital agency specializing in immersive experiences, mixed reality, and WebVR digital campaigns.



Kokowa is virtual reality stupidly simple. It is a platform for the creation, exploration, and sharing of 3-D and virtual reality content where anyone, from amateurs to professionals, can easily use an interface to generate an immersive environment

Eliza McNitt

Hubble Cantata

Eliza McNitt found filmmaking through science, and her unique voice as a director fuses science with narrative storytelling. Eliza’s first film, Requiem for the Honeybee, was inspired by a desire to communicate the devastating impact of vanishing honeybees.

Lisa Park


Lisa Park uses biofeedback devices like heart-rate monitors and brainwave sensors as a vehicle to create audio-visualization artworks. Her interactive installations and performances embody the idea of giving the invisible a physical form in order to create an external representation one’s inner states.

Luisa Pereira is an artist, programmer, and musician. Her work often explores music through coding and design, and takes the form of interactive installations and generative devices.

Luisa Pereira


Charles Sainty


Charles Sainty is an artist who uses 3-D capture, animation, sculpture, and printed images to explore the real–virtual dyad and our methods of understanding.

Sabine Seymour


Sabine Seymour is an entrepreneur and researcher who focuses on the next generation of wearables and the intertwining of aesthetics and function in garments.


Xmanifold A.D.R.L.


XMANIFOLD Applied Design Research Laboratory is a cross-disciplinary design and research practice that works in architectural, urban, landscape, and interior design projects.

Whether you were able to attend Demo Day or are browsing through the videos of the event now, your participation in our community is appreciated. Thank you for your support!