TELFAR Debuts S/S16 Collection, "Signature," in a CGI Parallel Universe

NEW INC member, TELFAR, debuts his Spring/Summer 2016 fashion collection, "Signature," tonight at Milk Studios as part of MADE Fashion Week.


Developed in secret by retired tech-entrepreneur, CULTURESPORT is a sprawling anime epic being produced and released as if it were a torrent file: starting everywhere, ending nowhere, spreading like wildfire. Its narrative is so vast it constitutes an alternate reality — and just like our reality — it’s all for sale.

In collaboration with White Castle restaurants, TELFAR and the burger franchise become the first brands to participate in CULTURESPORT’s innovative (read meta-critical) product-placement program, becoming respectively the only clothes and the only food available in the world.

Alongside the runway show will be a video installation live-streaming its simultaneous debut in the world of CULTURESPORT.  The runway presentation and online video release are the first public appearance of CULTURESPORT and also a teaser for the full length release of CULTURESPORT, Episode 1: “TELFAR” — debuting this fall as the collection hits stores. 


For SS16 unisex designer TELFAR continues to refine and expand his core practice of taking what is most utterly normal in American style — and doubling down. The result is a speculative wardrobe for the future-present: a style-fi uncanny precisely because it’s so familiar.

The collection, "Signature," is rooted in its simplest underpinnings: t shirts, tank-tops and halters designed around a logic of subtle manipulation.

TELFAR picks up on transitional language of DIY style that comes directly from the ‘streets’ (of social networks and hook-up sites), where the most basic of basics undergo a process of queering through simple deconstruction: requiring no more than a pair of scissors… or just putting your head through the wrong hole. 

TELFAR makes these mistakes and mods concrete, through carefully tailored patterns: so something as simple as a strap slipping off your shoulder becomes a new, fully engineered garment. What appears to be a basic-tanktop veers to one side forcing the head to exit with an arm and displacing the neck-hole to the opposite shoulder — resulting in garments that can only be worn the wrong way.

Worn over these are minimalist, cargo-inspired layers in cotton, denim and twill. Consisting of an almost modular ensemble of trenches, tailored coats, slacks and a growing grammar of dress shirts, they are distinguished most often through what they are missing: sleeves, sides, backs, bottoms, etc. Together they form a sun-bleached uniform for a desk-bound military of drone-pilots and data-farmers; hued in  khaki, army, white, mauve and a shade of black coined ‘intellectual’.

Not only punctuating, but literally puncturing the entire collection is the TELFAR logo and signature: built-into or cut-out-of the construction of the garments, so as to turn branding into a material, a fabric and also a form of ventilation. Most notable are appliqué logos, partially torn off to form half-moon pockets placed at the breast, hip, or rear, and also a fabric made entirely from tiny embroidered logos reading like a surprisingly masculine take on lace.





Author: TELFAR