NEW INC, the New Museum’s incubator for art, design, and technology, is a testing ground for new ideas. It brings together forward-thinking artists, fashion designers, musicians, virtual reality filmmakers, product designers, software developers, architects, and more to develop creative projects and businesses that respond to our present moment and point the way toward the future. A collaborative, interdisciplinary program for individual practitioners and new businesses alike, NEW INC incubates the growth and development of projects that blur the lines between culture and commerce.



NEW INC’s first end-of-year Showcase features new, collaborative projects that have been developed over the course of the program’s inaugural year. Driven by a pure quest for experimentation and play, and informed by a commingling of disparate disciplines and ideas, these works thwart our expectations, defy categorization, and offer novel ways of looking at and interacting with the everyday.


Public Beta, NEW INC’s second annual end-of-year showcase, takes its name from the world of rapid prototyping in software development and the tech mantra “release early, release often”—a strategy for getting real-world, real-time feedback on nascent products. Often, these products are raw and unfinished, and it is only through public input and interaction that they can progress and move forward.