Karolina Ziulkoski

Karolina Ziulkoski  .jpg

New Media Artist, Creative Director, Designer

Karolina Ziulkoski is a new media artist and designer of museum experiences, whose work blurs the boundaries between physical and digital. Ziulkoski is currently the chief curator of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research's online museum. Previously, she developed interactive gallery experiences for the American Museum of Natural History and was a professor at Rutgers University. Among her notable works is "Wind,” an interactive installation for DKNY, and “Future Past News,” an AR installation, which has been exhibited at Art Central Hong Kong, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, and Smack Mellon. Ziulkoski was a resident at the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo and the creative director of the Museum of Municipalities in Brasília, Brazil.

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