Manushka Magloire


Director of Community Affairs, Afropunk

Manushka Magloire is the director of community affairs at Afropunk, a brand and cultural movement dedicated to celebrating alternative urban culture activism. With over a decade of experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors, Magloire has acquired a unique and diverse skill set as an inevitable byproduct of a multi-dimensional career in brand, cause, and lifestyle marketing. Her work on fundraising and cause marketing campaigns with Virgin Mobile USA and United Way of NYC have helped raise millions for education, health, and employment programs benefiting the most vulnerable members of our communities. Most recently, Magloire helmed a new initiative for Afropunk, the Afropunk Army, where volunteers and social activists donate time, passion, and talents to nonprofits and social justice movements in exchange for tickets to attend the renowned global music festival. To date, the Afropunk Army has mobilized over 50,000 festival-goers worldwide.

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