Stella Kim


Founder & CXO, Mixlab

Stella Kim is the Founder / CXO of Mixlab, a pet care company that creates custom meds for animals along with other wellness products. She was the UX lead and director for top digital agencies, big brands and startups such as Gilt and IBM. Before starting her UX career, she was a web developer, fashion print designer, hardware/software engineer, game designer and a technical producer. After teaching UX/UI 101 at New York Code & Design Academy, she continues to give workshops to companies and non-profit organizations. Stella is a graduate of ITP, the technology design Masters program at NYU: Tisch School of the Arts. She received her B.A. with Honours from University of the Arts London: Chelsea College of Art & Design. In her spare time she enjoys fly fishing, rock climbing and running her Women's Charity Poker Tournament to help raise money for female/underprivileged youth STEAM programs.

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