As part of NEW INC’s professional development program, we recruit Mentors from the fields of art, technology, and design to support our Members and their projects.

For every cohort, we select 20-30 Mentors to work with our Full-Time Members throughout their 12-month tenure at NEW INC. We also invite a broader community of Mentors to provide Office Hours to our community on a bi-monthly basis. Participation is volunteer-based, and we hope to provide a reciprocal and engaging experience for our Mentors and Members alike.

As a Mentor, you are invited to participate in and lead NEW INC programs such as lectures, panels, workshops, and social events. We will also keep you informed of any Member events such as exhibitions or screenings that you can attend, as well as exhibitions and openings at the New Museum.

Our community values collaboration, interdisciplinary practice, and skill-sharing; prospective Mentors should share these values.

You can find our list of current mentors here:



One-on-One Mentoring +

Geared towards Mentors who can commit to dedicated meetings with their m=Mentee on a monthly basis and are interested in forging a strong working relationship with a Mentee/project.

• The program asks Mentors to commit to virtual or in-person meetings with their Mentee approximately once a month or ten times over the course of the year
• Mentors are invited to engage with the NEW INC community at events such as mixers and Demo Day
• Matches will be facilitated through our mentor-matching process via a mentor-mentee networking event
• Mentoring season is October through August each year


Office hours are 30 minute one-on-one sessions with NEW INC members in which Mentors share advice, guidance, ask challenging questions and generally help members workshop a particular problem within the Mentor’s area of expertise.

• Commitment of at least 2 hours every other month for 1 year
• Sessions are conducted at NEW INC’s space on the Bowery


Our community consists of innovators, creative practitioners and technologist who are investigating how art and culture can influence the creative economy and have social impact. This is a tremendous opportunity to become a part of our community to help advise project(s) to their success. Additionally, we offer access to NEW INC programming and a one-year membership to the New Museum.


• Confidentiality
All Mentor/Mentee conversations are strictly confidential, unless explicitly agreed upon otherwise

• No Solicitation
Mentors are expected to engage in the relationship pro bono and, as such, should not be marketing or selling services

Mid-way and at the end of the program, we issue surveys to all participating Mentors to provide feedback on the program