Program Tracks

In Year 6, our member cohort is organized into 6 Tracks, or focus areas: Interactive Experiences, Museum Technology, Creative Experiments, Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.), Equitable Platforms and Ideas for the City. Each Track is assigned a dedicated mentor-in-residence, and in most cases we have partnered with like-minded projects or companies to offer special programming and opportunities for members.



How can we imagine new applications for science and technology through the lens of art and design? Supported by Science Sandbox, this track engages creative practitioners who are exploring artificial intelligence, robotics, biotech, digital manufacturing, and other science-based areas of research through their practice. Through diverse art and design projects, members of this Track are bringing scientific research into mainstream dialogue and translating complex issues for the general public to engage with. Projects include innovative approaches to materials and green infrastructure, artworks that engage space, geography and physical senses in surprising ways, and research that interrupts conventional scientific narratives.

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Supported by Nokia Bell Labs and in partnership with Rhizome, we are creating a new space for artists, creative technologists, indie game designers, preservation researchers and interaction designers who are making and researching born-digital art. Experiments in Art and Technology revives a decades-old program at Nokia Bell Labs, where NEW INC members are collaborating with engineers and technologists who are exploring the deep future of communications through speculative technologies and unprecedented ideas. Projects in this Track include artistic practitioners in several media, including immersive tech, sound, digital animation, collaborative engineering and interactive performance.

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As the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds become increasingly blurred, NEW INC is dedicated to incubating new studios, start-ups and creative projects that engage emerging technologies or exploratory methods to enable interactive experiences. This may include augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, video game design or immersive installations. Participants in this Track are multidisciplinary creators ranging from interaction designers to filmmakers, digital artists to choreographers. Their tools leverage cutting edge technologies to create diverse outputs in mixed reality media, photogrammetry, digital animation, data visualization, live performance and sculpture.

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As we examine the intersections of the future of work, freelance economy, and the creative economy, it's becoming more clear that the combination of new technologies need to address socio-economic disparities to prevent the economic divide from growing wider. NEW INC is interested in incubating projects that are launching equitable platforms in order to seed equitable futures. Projects include emerging music platforms that address revenue share models, business cooperatives, cultural and community specific platforms, digital communities, and social platforms that tackle economic inequality, persistent racial disadvantage, and bridge representation gaps in creative industries.



We believe in the power of art and culture to transform our cities and our communities, and to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing our society today. Along with our partner IdeasCity, NEW INC is incubating new ideas for the city that address education, social justice, climate change, urban issues, representation and inequality in creative ways. Projects include technological and procedural interventions into healthcare and architectural infrastructure, social enterprises that empower underrepresented creators, and artworks that reimagine our engagement with the city's space and history.

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With the support of the Knight Foundation, members of the Museum Technology Track are on a mission to research, design and prototype accessible, off-the-shelf technology solutions. The aim of this Track is to provide small and mid-sized museums with scalable means for engaging their audiences. Each member in this Track will partner with a museum outside of NYC to extend the reach of accessible tech to new destinations, broadening the footprint of creative design and technology. Products in development are both visitor-facing and internal to museum operations, and include collection visualization tools, augmented reality in-gallery experiences, open sourced audio guides and more.

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