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Science Sandbox

How can we imagine new applications for science and technology through the lens of art and design?

We believe that an arts-based approach to scientific thinking has the power to enrich our society by engaging our communities in important areas of scientific inquiry.

Supported by Science Sandbox, the Creative Experiments track is focused on engaging creative practitioners who are exploring artificial intelligence, robotics, biotech, digital manufacturing, and other science-based areas of research through their practice.

This year’s program includes professional development programs, mentorship, public programs and networking opportunities tailored for Creative Experiments Track participants, featuring mentors and speakers from the Science Sandbox community. At the conclusion of the year, Track members will present at an event featuring projects incubated by Creative Experiments Track members. Additionally, we are pleased to be collaborating with the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative.

This track’s members include artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs with a specific project or an early stage business or nonprofit focused on engaging the general public in areas of scientific exploration. The common thread uniting this diverse cohort is that an aspect of their previous engages science or scientists, or they have a major project in progress that engages science and the arts.



Header image credit: Xin Liu, Hongxin Zhang